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Betting is the act of risking money or any other financial instrument on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an outcome, mostly in gaming and sports. It is often used interchangeably with the term gambling. While in common use these terms have similar meanings, the difference lies in the way of prediction. 

An outcome in a gamble is predicted by sheer luck and whether one wins the gamble or not depends on the occurrence of the event. In betting, however, some skill is involved because the predictions made about any event of a match or game will be made based on the past performance of an individual or a team.

This practice is as legal in India as the right to live. Hence, we bring to you some tips and predictions for Indian players in 2023.

  • Factors Responsible for the Outcome of a Match

Betting is not a game of chance. It is only after deep research that a qualified better makes his/ her bet. While the predictions depend a lot on how an individual player performs, other factors may change the course of a match. Some of them are listed below.

  • Weather Report – Weather plays a crucial role in the match right from the beginning of it. Even the captains take their decisions after winning the toss by considering the weather conditions of the day. Clear skies and good weather are a batsman’s best friend as they help him score big. The ball doesn’t swing much under a clear sky. The bright sun helps by soaking the humidity of the pitch, giving the advantage of speed to the batsman. Humidity and overcast, however, help a bowler in taking wickets. Seamers love overcast as it helps the ball with better swinging capabilities. Rains also work in favor of the fast bowlers.

Hence, when you plan to make a bet consider the weather conditions. Then look at the composition of the teams. Teams are likely to play more fast bowlers on gloomy days while on a sunny day, there might be an extended batting lineup. 

  • Pitch Report – A pitch report is a summary of what a pitch looks like on a particular day. A pitch report does not help much in T-20s even though it is not futile. T-20 is a short format match and a maximum of 40 overs need to be played in it. The match gets over in an average of 4 hours. Hence, the pitch during the first over will look the same as itself in the fortieth. In a longer format such as a test match or a one-day international, the pitch may tear up making the ball spin sharply. When is that most likely to happen? A proper assessment of these factors will help predict who will be the winner.
  • Match Information – Match information such as the date, time, and venue of the game also helps in making some predictions. Day-night matches might be played by some teams better than others. You may even bet on who will come out as a watchman in a day-night test. Late nights might help the bowlers with dew. Knowing the venue will help you know which team is likely to gather the maximum number of supporters. Home teams are likely to perform better on the home ground because they know the ground the best. Also, a cheering audience provides a moral boost.
  • Team Performance – Some teams perform wonderfully across the globe but there will always remain that one rival that can disturb them and win against that team. Some cricketing rivalries are famous because when those two teams are clashing the match is likely to have a nail-biting climax. These clashes often become clashes of emotions. Mumbai Indians against Chennai Super Kings is one such rivalry in the Indian Premier League. Cricket aggregators and betting apps tend to have a complete history of the past performances of teams and their individuals. It is advised to compare and contrast which bowler was most difficult to play and which batsman was most difficult to bowl. There should be consistency in the performance for helpful predictions.
  • Do Not Trust Predictions Blindly

Cricket is as much a game of hard work as it is of luck. If luck is not on your side, the team with the fittest and best cricketers might not win. Sometimes team loses by a run or a wicket. Such situations are a perfect example of when to not trust predictions. If Yuvraj and Kieron Pollard can hit 6 sixes in an over, bowlers such as Wasim Akram can also take four wickets in an over. Hence, you never what course a match is likely to take. Sometimes, the predictions that are made may favor a team due to multiple factors that may work in their favor but by the time players like Lasith Malinga, Hardik Pandya, Ben Stokes, and others are on the field, do not trust the predictions blindly. It is advised for you to reverse a bet at any point in time you feel the match will change its course lest you lose your money.

  • Fewer Bets

Even if we say that betting is a game of skill, luck is always attached to it. There is no guarantee that Virat Kohli will always score a fifty in a T-20 because his batting average is 52.7. Numbers may fluctuate and so do the rankings. Moreover, statistics always have an element of error in them. Hence, it is advised that people make fewer bets. Nobody is likely to win all the bets they make. Hence, act rationally and invest money only in bets where you think you have a better chance of winning.


The most important betting tip you will ever hear is to bet with your head and not your heart. You might be an Australian. But when your team comes to play in India, make sure to bet on some good Indian cricketers rather than the Australian ones. You might want Australia to win, but their performance in the past two tests against India is proof that they are struggling. The last suggestion would be to surf well before making any bets. Do not stick to one site for understanding betting odds. This will give you clarity on what bet should be made and which one could be avoided. In matches of close competitors, do not bet on the winner but on individual player performances.

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