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Cricket is the third most watched sport in the world after the Tour de France and Football, respectively. It is a perfect sport for betting because all three formats of cricket (One Day Internationals, T-20s, and Test matches) provide a range of options for various kinds of bets. It is often used interchangeably with the term gambling. 

While in common use these terms have similar meanings, the difference lies in the way of prediction. An outcome in a gamble is predicted by sheer luck and whether one wins the gamble or not depends on the occurrence of the event. In betting, however, some skill is involved because the predictions made about any event of a match or game will be made based on the past performance of an individual or a team.

Indian Premier League is a men’s T-20 cricket league hosted by BCCI. Except for the COVID-19 duration, all the seasons of the league have been played in India. Currently, 10 city-based franchises are part of the tournament. Gujarat Titans have been the current defending champions of IPL 2022. It won’t be wrong to say that IPL is not just a sport but an emotion for most Indians. The love for the sport and their favorite player sees new heights every single season. However, it seems that the sport is losing its innocent audience to a rise in betting. Multiple online platforms are available for betting today, often endorsed by the cricketers themselves. Hence, a large population tends to believe that the outcomes of different matches are rather determined by the bets and not actual performances. Others still believe that the matches are played with brutal honesty. No one has been able to conclude the debate as of now.

  • The Public Gambling Act of 1867

The most repeated of all questions about betting is if it is legal in India or not. This is where the distinction between gambling and betting comes to a front seat. The act of gambling is in the first place a state subject. Hence, it is largely the discretion of state governments to formulate the legality of the activity. That is the reason why states like Goa, Sikkim, Daman, Meghalaya, and Nagaland allow public gambling under state jurisdiction. The central law that governs the activity is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. It prohibits the act of gambling or owning a gambling house or even visiting the place. Fines and imprisonments depending on the gravity of the grievance are specified in different sections. However, this is a fairly old law and has seen no significant amendments over the years. Hence, online activities remain largely untouched by the act.

Talking specifically about IPL satta, it is safe to conclude that it is legal in India. The law distinguishes a “game of chance” and a “game of skills”. For example, games played in a casino depend on sheer luck and hence, fall under the category of gambling. IPL satta on the other hand has the backing of comparative performances of different players. Hence, it falls under the category of a game of skills or betting. Thus, it is a legal activity.

Multiple online platforms are today available for betting in IPL 2023. Given below are some basic kinds of bets that you can make in the upcoming season of the much-loved tournament.

  • The Match Winner

The most obvious kind of bet will be about the winner of the match. Online platforms open up slots for people to bet almost 24 hours before the match. It is advisable to study statistics before placing your bet. It is also better to first wait for the teams to announce their playing 11 for a better comparison. Newspapers can be handy since IPL is such a favorite sport and is widely covered by the media. 

It is the simplest of all bets. You need to choose from three kinds of outcomes: the home team will win, the guest team will win or there will be a tie. In case of a tie or draw, the money is refunded to the players. However, ties or draw only happen in case of poor weather because if scores are leveled, super over is played.

  • Innings Run

49 is the lowest while 263 is the highest recorded innings score by teams in IPL history. This is a clear example of the kind of variation the mental makeup, weather conditions, dimensions of the grounds, etc. can bring to an inning. Hence, people also set bets on how many runs the first batting side is going to make.

  • Top Bowler

It is a bet on which bowler is going to be the highest wicket-getter in a match. If you can predict the right person out of all the bowlers on either side, you will win the wager.

  • Top Batsman

Cricket is a game of numbers and batsmen are the drivers of the score on board. Hence, they are often given more importance than bowlers and fielders. This is the reason why people love to bet on who shall be the highest run-getter in a particular match. There are two categories to the bet: one for the highest run-getter for respective teams and the other for the highest run-getter for the whole match.

Wrapping Up

The categories that have been listed above are a few of the various kinds of bets that are made in an IPL satta. Bets are also made on the fifties and hundred, scores in the first over, dot balls, partnerships, etc. It is important that betters study the patterns well before making any bets and do not make a bet out of emotion or premonition. It is highly not suggested. You might like Virat Kohli but if you know that the other side has bowlers who will bowl him on off stumps, know that there are higher chances of him failing to score big. Hence, be empirical. Also, be mindful of the money you are betting and do not have unrealistic expectations. 

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