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Getting a Hand on Value in Betting

Value betting is the practice of placing a wager using odds that, in your opinion, do not accurately reflect the possibility that a particular outcome will occur.

The well-known coin toss scenario serves as the best example of value betting. When you flip a coin, it can only land on heads or tails. The probability that each side will appear every time is exactly 50%, regardless of how many times you flip it.

For instance, if Some online sports betting sites offered odds on a coin toss, it could never stay in business by offering odds of 50/50 or 2.00 in decimal form.

Instead, they would give a price of around 1.90 on each result, creating a modest profit over time. The bookmaker’s margin, in this example 4.8%, is the same for every market they provide. Below, we go into greater information about the overround.

Now picture receiving odds of 2.10 on heads and 1.90 on tails from a bookmaker. Which would you support? 

Because the odds presented are greater than the likelihood that it will actually occur, you should always bet online on heads. Even if you wouldn’t always succeed, you would always come out ahead financially in the long term.

Finding these value bets, or prices set by bookmakers that you believe understate the likelihood of the bet occurring, is the key to being a good cricket ipl satta bettor.

How to Apply Value Betting to Cricket

Remember that bookmaker prices are merely arbitrary judgments. Simply said, no one in the world can predict the cost of a cricket match with 100% accuracy due to the sheer number of factors. For every sporting event, this is true.

Even if their opinions are backed up by facts, figures, and years of experience, they might still be wrong.

The second and most important is that bookmakers frequently base their odds on the bets they believe customers will place. We’ll explain how this could be beneficial to you later on. 

Therefore, since the cricket odds you bet on are based on the bookmaker’s evaluation of the event probability, they may not accurately reflect the actual possibility.

You have an advantage if you can predict the likelihood of specific events occurring during a cricket match more precisely than the bookmakers can.

How do we Understand When Cricket Odds Represent Value? 

Let’s look at an instance with odds. LeoVegas offers the following odds for bets on an international Twenty20 cricket match between India and New Zealand:

>New Zealand – 2.75

>India – 1.49

Can we place a wager on either team using the value betting theory?

With the help of statistics, prior results between the teams, team news, and other factors, we must determine our probabilities of each side winning.

Consider that we predict India will win with a 60% chance and New Zealand with a 40% chance. Our percentage totals will always be 100%.

Cricket Probability Odds to Implied Odds Proportional Conversion 

It is, therefore, necessary to translate the LeoVegas odds into percentages. To determine this, multiply the decimal odds by 100 and divide the resulting number by 1.

>New Zealand – 1/2.75 X 100 = 36.3%

>India – 1/1.49 X 100 = 67.1%

>Total – 103.4 %

How Does a Bookmaker’s Margin Work? 

Why does the total grow by more than 100%? Taking into account that the over-round, or profit margin, of the bookmaker, is 3.4%

Theoretically, suppose the bookmaker accepts 1,034 bets on the cricket match proportionally placed on New Zealand and India. In that case, they will only have to pay out a total of $1,000 in awards, regardless of who wins. They now have a profit of $34.

This shows how important it is to offer accurate odds along with sensible risk management strategies because it is how bookmakers make their money.

They run the danger of losing a lot of money if the favorite team wins if they give one team extremely high odds since everyone would bet on that team, creating an unbalanced book.

Importance of Betting Strategies  

A thorough analysis of all potential outcomes for the odds market that your bet is based on forms the basis of cricket value betting.

By developing your probability analysis techniques and mastering the best bankroll management procedures, you are already well on your road to being a consistent winner. 

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