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How to Claim Your Preferred Betting Bonus?

How to Claim Your Preferred Betting Bonus?

Bonuses are the one thing that is a win-win for the book and punters. Sportsbook gets more users, while punters get the chance to fail and learn without losing money. Pick a betting site with bonus, and when you register yourself with a sportsbook, they give the joining bonuses and online cricket id. Every reliable website provided bonuses to experiment, learn and earn money. People take advantage of the welcome or joining bonus to experiment and boost their bankroll. If you are a newbie, redeeming the bonuses might become overwhelming. You have to understand the working, usage, terms, and conditions of the bonuses. Let’s learn everything about joining bonuses.

Types of Welcome Bonuses 

A reliable website provides bonuses to attract trustworthy people and provides a platform. It also makes a community that has the same interest, place bets on their predictions. Sometimes, they provide plenty of offers, so you might get confused while choosing one. It is great that they have provided plenty of offers and we can choose it on our preference. Let’s see all the bonuses dealt by the book and tips to choose the best welcome bonus.

  • Match Bonuses

When you register yourself and deposit the first draft to your wallet, they provide the joining bonus to the new member. The joining bonuses depend on your depositing money as they provide joining bonuses according to the percentage. For example, a sportsbook is providing a 100% joining bonus, and you deposit INR 1000 to your account. Your bankroll will reach INR 2000. Some sportsbooks also give bonuses on the second, third, or fourth deposit.

  • Deposit Bonuses

When people deposit money into their wallets, websites provide some percentage on the deposit. You can get the depositing bonuses on each deposit money. The reward may vary depending on time and sportsbook.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

It is clear from its name that it is opposite to the deposit money. Generally, sports books provide no deposit money to the new member to attract. As a newbie, we fear depositing money. That’s why sportsbooks provide bonuses without depositing money in the book. It gives the confidence to the newbie to start online betting.

  • Reload Bonuses

It is the most common bonus for the sites. When a player plates a few games on the website and wants to deposit the money after the first deposit called reloaded bonuses. Every sportsbook has different bonuses as some provide bonuses using bonus codes, and some give the money to the bettor wallet. You won’t find it all the time because of the limited offer, but it is value for money.

How to Claim the Bonuses 

We have seen the different types of bonuses but claiming might be overwhelming because of the terms and conditions. Don’t be overwhelmed by the bonuses. There are multiple benefits of online sports betting. Claiming the bonuses becomes easy when you claim the first-ever bonus. We will give you the brief details about claiming the welcome bonuses.

Find a reputed and reliable sportsbook website where you can get your online betting id effortlessly. They should have multiple games, so you can choose your favorite game. They should provide the maximum amount of bonuses and deposits & withdrawing money should be safe and secure. A reliable website will have a safe and faster payment system because they don’t have to face problems. They should available for you 24*7, so you can resolve your problem with ease.

Look for a sportsbook that has the best signup bonuses and if you have multiple options, pick the website that suits your betting requirements. Register yourself with a bonus code.

The Registration Process

When you register yourself on a sports book, they provide an online betting id. It is a form of identity that allows you to place a bet. It is a very simple step in which they need your basic information. Registration will take two-three steps, and you will get the joining bonus after the deposition of money. Don’t forget to sign up using the welcome code. Avoid sharing your confidential data as the book needs only basic information. They keep your data secret and don’t share it with any third party.


Every sports book provides bonuses to the bettor to play on their website. They offer numerous types of bonuses that become overwhelming for the newbie. A match bonus or joining bonus is the biggest bonus that you will get after joining the book. Choose Shanker Book for online betting. They are providing a 100% joining bonus.

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