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Online Cricket Betting ID Provider


The most popular sport in India and many other nations is cricket. In recent years, cricket has become more popular at a faster rate. The result is that the current generation enjoys spending a lot of time playing fantasy cricket online. Fortunately, everyone who is the biggest lover of this sport can play video games at home on a PC or online.

To win, a squad of almost entirely actual players from two real teams must be chosen for fantasy cricket, an online fantasy sports game. Online live betting on Shanker Book, an online betting ID provider, is available. Your goal is to pick the best playing 11 players from the two opposing teams playing, score the most points possible, and defeat your rivals.

The popularity of T20 competitions like the Indian Premier League is another aspect that has contributed to the expansion of online cricket (IPL). A fantasy cricket player has a lot of duties, including carefully choosing the squad and beginning to play with it. They also have a lot of duties within a virtual cricket team. The greatest cricket betting platform in India is Shanker Book Online. On this website, you can get an Indian Diamond Exchange Online Betting Id.

Different Types of Cricket Games

Your online betting ID provider will provide you with cricket betting ID will be given to you for all three of these games. The following list includes three of the most well-known and in-demand ones:

Test Cricket Matches

This cricket arrangement is regarded as the most popular by some gamblers in the game. Both teams had a chance to try twice throughout the five days that the game was played.

One Day Matches

As the name implies, one-day matches are played across one day, allowing each team to play once.

Twenty-Twenty Matches

This cricket format has established a distinct position for itself. Each side played for 20 overs in these matches. There is no denying that people who play online cricket now prefer to play games in the T-20 format.


How to Play Cricket Online? 

  1. Go to the website of Shanker Book.
  2. Register with your number and get an online betting ID.
  3. Once You Register, you should complete your KYC details.
  4. Select the game.
  5. You can now start placing your bets.

Check Player Performance

You shouldn’t choose a player based solely on his or her performance or reputation as a strong performer. Recent accomplishments are more important than a player’s record.

Analyze Weather and Pitch Conditions

Fantasy cricket players sometimes overlook the significance of reviewing weather and pitch data, but by doing so, we may assess the game and select the bowler and batsman based on the report. It is crucial because it provides insight into how the game will unfold and identifies which player will perform best given the circumstances.

Captain and Vice-Captain

Choosing the appropriate captain and vice-captain is one of the most crucial cricket tips by an online betting ID provider because they are dependent on points. The outcome of the game may truly depend on these two choices. If you manage the points in choosing the two top performers as captain and vice-captain of the game, the captain receives two times as many points as the vice-captain.

Last Minute Updates of Matches

You must be extremely careful when choosing a team for a specific match.

Making Last-Minute Changes After Toss

The toss will determine how much time you have for any last-minute adjustments, so pay attention and make any necessary alterations.

Create Multiple Teams

It’s important to build many teams in fantasy cricket to boost your chances of winning, but most players forget to do so or never remember to do so. Even if you lose one competition, you might come out on top in another. Make sure to start a new competition with a different team.

News About Players

Keep up with all match updates, including any player’s injury updates. You should be informed whenever a player you chose changes their position in the batting order.

Right Combination of Players

It’s crucial to make a wise choice because you must choose at least one participant from each category. The greatest strategy is to select all-rounders who bat to score as many points as possible. The same process will apply to wicketkeepers, who are renowned for their skill at batting and ability to score points.

The new cricket games offer an unmatched adventure experience, and if your team wins, you’ll get wonderful rewards. All of the thrills and excitement that come with playing on the ground are available to you. Before entering the virtual playground, train your team with the assistance of your favorite players.

Wrapping Up

Shanker Book is one of the most reliable online betting ID providers on which you can place your wager. They offer amazing bonuses and discounts and you can bet on your favorite game without any worries. 

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