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The Guide to Getting Your Online Betting ID

Many people are participating in online cricket prediction, and the online betting ID is the pass for the participants. If you are interested in cricket, get ready to get your ID. You may have been thinking “why should I get the ID?” We are here to help you to get your cricket betting ID.

What Is an Online Betting ID? 

An online betting ID is a special kind of identification or pass given by a trustworthy platform. It allows you to take part in several games and match predictions. An ID only belonging to a single user allows them to join them into respective matches using login credentials. Every person gets different login credentials and a unique ID. People get numerous options after getting an ID such as you will get your wallet, where you will keep your money and participate in your favorite sports.

How to Get Your Online Cricket ID? 

Getting an online cricket ID is a must for online betting, but it may seem difficult. We are here to help you with the step-by-step guide.

  • Choose a Trustworthy Platform

The online betting industry is vast, and thousands of platforms are available. Choose a trustworthy platform that is reliable and trusted. First, examining the website means visiting the website and scrolling up and down. The first impression is the last impression, which fits here. If you don’t get the good vibe or are not eye-catching. Don’t register yourself on the website. Before registering yourself on the website, look for the certificate. So, you will be sure that the platform is legal and will not face any issues in the future. Most genuine websites will give bonuses to their audience. Before joining, search about the bonuses, and their terms and conditions. 

  • Read the Terms and Conditions

Understanding terms and conditions are crucial because doing online betting on a platform that doesn’t have flexible terms and conditions will be bad for you. For example, you predicted a match and won money, but the platform has some conditions like you can’t withdraw less than 10k or can’t withdraw anytime. There could be many more terms and conditions that aren’t clear to you, or you can’t associate with them. A not clear term and condition can impact your money transaction.

  • Register yourself or Create an Account

After finding a reliable website, create your account on the particular platform which you found after making some efforts. Follow the process of the platform to register yourself. Once you register by following the process, you will get the online betting ID. Many websites offer help with WhatsApp and Telegram as you click on the link and send a message, they will reach out to you. 

  • Add Money to Your Account

Add money to your account after getting your ID, so you can start online betting. Many websites offer the joining bonus that you will get after depositing money. Every website charges different fees, and some may have hidden fees that you will find out after joining the platform. We will suggest you join ShankerBook, which is a trusted and reliable website. Start playing after the addition of money.

Benefits of Cricket Betting ID

There is a question that arises in your mind why online betting ID is important. Why can we not play without an ID? There are multiple benefits of the betting ID.

  • Flexible Playing Options

A genuine website gives you options to choose the sport on your own, and having an ID allows you to be flexible. A cricket betting ID will help you to join your favorite match and give predictions on it. You can even participate in a live match and can place them according to your time convenience. Get an ID and play the game 24*7.  

  • Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for any player because you may face any difficulties. A betting ID helps you to get the necessary customer support for problems like transaction issues. A reliable website gives you 24*7 customer support.

  • Free Prediction Tips

A reliable cricket prediction platform provides the necessary tips for online betting. They have a specialist who provides prediction tips to players for free. These tips will help you to win the bet because they analyze all the odds of cricket and provide prediction tips.

  • Easy Transaction Options

A reliable platform will ensure that their players don’t face difficulties in depositing or withdrawing money. They ensure a smooth transaction, so you can easily deposit and withdraw money.

  • Safe Transactions

No one wants to face problems in a transaction or want to lose money. A platform becomes responsible if you get a cricket betting ID.

  • Information on All Kinds of Tournaments

Every day dozens of matches and tournaments are running, and the numbers are so high that you can miss one of them. They provide information about all kinds of tournaments.


Many people have started playing online sports in recent times, and getting an online betting ID will help you place the bet easily. There are multiple benefits to getting an ID. Select a reliable website, register yourself, deposit money, and start playing. Shanker Book is a reliable website that will smooth your online betting journey.

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