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World Cup for Men’s T20 in 2022 is the Best One Ever

Why is a successful World Cup so unique? The obvious prerequisites of excellent batting, bowling, and fielding apply to every cricket competition, though. To be deemed remarkable, a World Cup must live up to its name, particularly that italicized word.

There are only 12 Full Members of the ICC, however in the seven T20 World Cups, there have been six champions from four different continents (five, if you consider that Guyana, part of the West Indies, is in South America). In its eighth edition, the competition will have 16 teams; in its ninth, there will be 20. To put things in perspective, it took the FIFA World Cup until the 12th edition, in 1982, to feature 16 teams.

This, however, refers to how fiercely contested the tournaments were—were the games interesting enough? Or has the imbalance caused their success to become unduly dependent on the “Big” matches?

Which Team Wins by the Number of Runs and Which Team Wins by Balls 

Cricket “greatness,” whatever arbitrary it may be, has always been determined by statistics since the beginning of the game. In limited-overs cricket, the winning team bats first and wins if it outscores the opponent by a predetermined number of runs or has a predetermined number of extra balls. 

Of course, the amount of remaining wickets is also crucial since, even if teams seldom succeed in Twenty20 cricket, being bowled out prevents you from winning a chase. Since the second-most important criterion, net run rate, has no bearing on wickets at all, it has gradually lost importance to the point where it no longer influences how teams rank on the points table.

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Right now, let’s try to define close matches. They are eligible because a tie is obviously the most likely outcome. Set the run threshold at six runs, or one hit from a tie.

The count of three balls is perhaps arbitrary, but changing it to two or four has no effect on the outcome, therefore there isn’t a clear solution for the amount of balls left.

Close Matches by T20 World Cup Edition

The competition in Australia in 2022 featured the most number of close games (28.1%). The 2014 Bangladesh edition, which had about 12% fewer competitors, was the other event to exceed the 25% mark.

The fact that the 2022 World Cup was delayed from 2016 to 2021, a huge amount of time for a World Cup that is fifteen years old, makes the tournament seem even more amazing. When it returned, it had the lowest proportion of tight games in the whole competition (8.9%).

It would have stood out regardless because there were three times as many near calls in the 2022 edition then there were in the one that was played the year before.

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But What Makes 2022 Edition Special

A Full Member was only defeated by an Associate Member twice in the first four T20 World Cups: in 2009, Ireland defeated Bangladesh, and the Netherlands astounded England.

The count climbed to three in 2014 before decreasing to two in 2016 and 2021. To qualify for the 2024 competition, Namibia defeated Sri Lanka, Scotland defeated the West Indies, and the Netherlands triumphed against Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2022.

The following list omits Zimbabwe’s triumph over Pakistan and Ireland’s victory over England because all four countries are Full Members, but it probably should be given how international cricket has regarded the two winning sides.

But it’s not everything, even then.

The absence of a clear dominant side in the First Round suggested that the contest would be distinctive. Each of the eight teams had at least one win and one loss. The only team to drop all three of its contests and go home empty-handed was Afghanistan. Group 1 remained a three-team competition until the very end, whereas no one knew which two of the five teams in Group 2 would advance until the final day (the teams were separated only by net run rate).

Again, the edition was different from 2021, which had a points table for Group 2 of the Super 12 that read 10-8-6-4-2-0 and a points system for Group 1 that read the traditional, hierarchical 6-4-2-0. Only the Group 1 clash between England, Australia, and South Africa produced any contention until the championship rounds.

The competition in 2014 might have been the most intense in this way as well. The two groups in the First Round returned 4-4-2-2 and 4-4-4-0, whereas Group 1 in the Super 10 ran 6-6-4-2-2. Only Group 2 exhibited bias-related behaviors. 

What Changes This Time?

The history of cricket is about to witness one of its most important moments. A franchise-driven geopolitical system is replacing the traditional one.

There are advantages and disadvantages to that, but it is undeniable that it provides cricketers from Associate Nations more exposure than before. Prior to franchises taking over cricket, a cricketer from an Associate Nation had absolutely little chance of becoming renowned.

They may play domestic cricket in other countries, primarily in England, but they would never again have the opportunity to face top teams.

Franchise cricket changed that. Associate Nation cricketers can now hone their skills in the same number of leagues as their Full Member rivals. They may not play the Full Members as teams, but they still match skill by playing their people as individuals all year round.

They will eventually have comparable unit skills to them; it was just a question of time. It might have occurred in 2021 after a five and a half year gap in a framework that is constantly changing. Another year passed.  


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