Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can request the players to show their cards to other players in the teen patti. Don’t ask other players to show their cards in a teen patti live game without seeing your card. If you have a strong pair of cards, the chances of winning the teen patti game increase. Other players can accept or decline your sideshow request, and they can do it a maximum of three times.

In teen patti, trio or trial is the best set of hands, and it is the set of three cards of the same kind irrespective of color. The set of A is at best hand, the set of K is at second, and it goes till set of 2. Pure sequence, flush, pair, and high card are the next best combinations. The best hand will help you to win the teen patti game.

Teen Patti is played using two methods; one is using 52 standard cards while another way is adding two jokers into the standard cards as a wild card. In teen patti games, the addition of Joker is known as Joker variation. In this variation, 3 cards are distributed among players from a shuffled deck and dealers pull out a card from it randomly and nominate it as a Joker.

Color or flush is a set of hands in a teen patti game. When three cards make a pair and have the same color, known as color or flush. A, K, and J with the same color have the highest ranking, and A, K, and J are at second ranking, and it goes till the 5,3,2. Compare the hands based on card value and the best hand will win teen patti real cash.

Trial or trio has the highest value in teen patti as it has three cards of the same kind irrespective of color. Three pairs of cards with A have the highest value, and it goes to a pair of 2. After the trio, a pure sequence came next, and three cards in sequence like A, 2, and 3 made a pair. After it, color, pair, and the high card come in. Trio increases the chance of winning a teen patti game.

A deck consists of 52 cards and it is divided into 4 sets of cards - diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. Each type has 13 cards, and your teen patti win percentage depends on the cards. In the teen patti game, these cards consist of pairs named - trio, pure sequence, color, pair, and high cards. The pair decides whether you will win teen patti real cash or lose it.

Decks consist of four types of color, and each type has 13 cards - A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. A has a higher value among all the cards, and these names are in decreasing order. The three pairs of aces are valued the most in the teen patti game. Play teen patti live games on Shanker Book, we are the biggest book.